I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up

16. My blog is a glass case of emotion.


when you wake up early in the morning and sit on the edge of your bed like


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Do you guys think we could ever live in a world without any crime? In high school, I had this discussion with my sociology teacher, and one theory was no, we can’t. Even if we had a world without murder, rape, and all that, the definition of crime itself would change in the hypothetical community. So perhaps something like dropping plates will have as much penalty as murder. And by this theory, a Utopian community can never exist. 

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I’m not trying to be mean but if you take your baby to the movies you’re probably a jackass

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can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

texting all day is not natural

force communication all hours of the day is not natural

All of you, Get a hobby that is not another person. Its vital.

this makes me feel so much better

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is your heart supposed to pound for ten minutes straight after you answer one question in class

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Happy 18th Birthday Zendaya Coleman.


Wake me up when the semester ends

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